I’m an American woman, mother of four, writer, explorer and traveler. I’ve lived abroad—residing in 4 different countries—for almost two decades, during which time I raised two amazing daughters. At this time, with my daughters now raised, I am settled in London, England, with my life mate, Egil (AKA the biking viking) who bikes 22 miles a day—rain or shine, wind or whatever—and does it with a smile.

Holly Morrison

Author of the Blog

The following blog is about my life.

I hope my stories are as engaging as my journey has been and continues to be~

We’re all traveling together through this maze called life; my journey has just been conducted in different languages and within different cultures. It has also involved some unorthodox choices that have led to some interesting experiences—and a few close calls …

I hope you enjoy sharing in my journey and I LOVE feedback.

You also might enjoy my videos:

Above is a video about my travels and adventures that eventually landed me in UK.

Above is our home in Riga, Latvia—before and after renovations—now that was an adventure!

I was fortunate to act as nanny on my daughter’s last band tour of UK and Ireland. Above is a video documenting that journey.



12 responses to “About

  1. Lillian McMath

    Sounds great!!!

    • Oh thanks, Lil. This is my commitment: Sharing my story from one end to the other , including our stays in the convent, trips to the Otepaa countryside etc. It’s so much fun recalling those blessed times!

      Love To You!

  2. Cecilia Castaneda

    I can’t wait to read more. Sending much love your way!

  3. Thanks Cecilia! It’s so nice to see you this morning. I’ll be adding to this blog again, soon. I hope I see you girls while I’m here.

    Love To You!

  4. I’m looking forward to reading the interesting journey through your life! This is an excellent idea! Have fun with this! <3

  5. Holly, Enjoying your blog …. but please ‘friend’ request me on FB, or email me – have mislaid your email address …..

  6. Holly, I just saw your inspiring side- your life looks like a mirror to mine

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